Hi and welcome to my Website and blog about Yoga and so much more!

I will share with you about my love for yoga and how I built a foundation with the tools Yoga gave me. Hopefully it will awaken the curiosity for Yoga in you!

I want to share about the different tools of Yoga, for example; breathing teqhniques and asanas/yogaposes.

Maybe you feel stuck and want to change things?

Or maybe you feel like you do not fit it and you want to feel union? Yes I have felt it to! I would like to say that the most part of the people I have encountered in my community of yogis, dancers, creators etc is seekers, bold beautiful souls that are expressing themselfs! They made me feel like I belonged and I could be my true self. It is a life long commitment, to start loving yourself and share that love with the world.

So my purpose with my website/blog is to share my love and passion for Yoga and healing and guide You to Self-loveđź’•

In the menu you can find different topics and later on I will have workshops. In the topics you will be able to click to see, for example; different asanas/yogaposes and how to get a routine in meditation. I will also have guided meditatons for you with themes. There is also Yoga for beginners!

Everbody can Yoga! Yes, everybody can Yoga and you do noy have to look a certain way or be an athlete.

In my blog-posts I will share more about my life and my healing journey through Yoga and I would Love for you to share aswell! Because we are all one and we can learn from each other.

So I hope you want to start your Yoga Journey today and I am here to guide you!

Be kind to yourself and remember; its the Journey, not the destination that counts.

Love and Light/Angelica

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