Hi everyone and happy tuesday!

So I wanted to talk a little about mindfulness, what does it mean and what is mindfulness for you?

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensly aware of what you are sensing and feeling at the moment. For example; You take a walk in the sunshine and maybe you feel the sun warming your skin and a little breeze touch your hair. And you smell flowers or the taste of your coffee in the morning.

Mindfulness is so much more when you do a breathing technique along with it; You draw the air down in your lungs and hold it for four seconds and then breathe out like you are deflating a ballon, really slowly. The purpose really is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by mindully paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, and letting them come and pass. On my website there will be more about breathing technique later on.

So what is mindfulness for you? Maybe it is sitting in your favourite chair and listening to music?

How do you start practicing mindfulness? Maybe start on your next walk by noticing how the wind feels, is it cold? Warm? Is there any birds? What comes up in your mind right there and then? Try it out on your next walk or at breakfast drinking your coffee or tea. Let me now how it goes and share any thoughts and/or feelings.

Love and Light//Angelica.

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