Hi and welcome to my blog and if you are new to Yoga and the sister science Ayurveda I will post about this more further on.

I practice Ashtanga, an eight limbed practice and this style has been practiced since thousands of years ago. In Ashtanga you practice asanas/poses that stretches your body and mind, among other things.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga

-Niyamas; external discipline

-Yamas; internal discipline

-Asanas;posture (meditation seat)

-Pranayama; breath control

-Pratayara; withdrawal of sences

-Dharana; concentration

-Dhyana; meditative absorption

-Samadhi; union, integration.

Yoga is among other things, a discipline, to make sure you always show up for yourself.

The asanas is one of the limbs, but I would say only 95% of the whole philosophy of Yoga. There is so much more as you can see!

I love this form of Yoga because it is challenging, fun and it makes you grow and you get to know your true self.

If you want to read more about Ashtanga here is a link for you:

There are also several books that is informative, one is:

So more Ashtanga coming up!

Love & Light//Angelica. ✨

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