Belonging through Yogađź’•

Hello Hope you all are having a marvelous summer & enjoying the sunsets!


I am a few years into my yoga practice and I have the connection with a huge yoga community (virtual) and we all love and support eachother unconditionally.

When I started yoga I felt lost, I had been lost for so long & felt that I didn’t belong anywhere.

But through the in/& outside practice of Yoga it led me to a great love inside, a love that has always been inside of me & it is inside of you aswell.

For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged with all of these different souls & it was a magical feeling.

So you never know where something leads, you just throw yourself over the fence & the rest will follow. The road is there for you & there are always people who are going to love you unconditionallyđź’•

I Hope you dare to love & throw yourself out there because the world needs you💕🌼 Have a beautiful summer & I will see you soon💕

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