New Beginnings🌛

When I start wrapping up this year I come to the conclusion that it has been a very hard year, emotionally 🙏 Maybe you all agree with me a bit?

We have learned that happiness is fluctual & how important it is to take care of ourselfs in these difficult times..

Selfcare has never been more important, don’t you think? And this is where I have something to tell you about selfcare; it is also important what you put into your mind! Not only your stomach! If you Love yourself you Will also think about social media & the news etc…

I have taken a Long break from social media & I am not sure when or maybe never, I Will take it Up again…

I know that I sometimes forget My purpose especially when I am caught Up in social media! Let’s be honest; social media does not live Up to protect our higher purpose…

This Year I have learned to let start to let go of control & it is hard but it feels like a new beginning 💕

Have a Happy holiday season & remember to slow down & take good care of yourself💕

With Love from me to you💕

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