Holiday self-care💕

It is quite normal when the holidays are here to get sucked into the busy mentality that occurs this time of the year.

Maybe you have felt it too?

I try to ground myself everyday, and do some Yin Yoga or any other “slow” yoga form. I am going to list you a few things to think about when you feel stressed or overwhelmed;

-Any form of “slow” yoga, for example Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga (10 min)

-Breathwork; sit down for 5 minutes and put one hand on your stomach and one in your chest, take a deep breath down in your stomach and breath out slowly, repeat a few times throughout the day

-take a bath or a warm shower, it is a good way of releasing anxiety or stress

-meditate for a few minutes

-practice mindfulness, being in the now decreasces anxiety, and a good mindfulness practice is to go outside in the nature

-balance your chakras with healing stones

And remember that being together with your family is all that matters💋

Relax and have a Merry Christmas ✨ With Love//Angelica.

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