Following your heart/healing💕

We all want to follow our hearts right?

I resently followed my heart but I felt that I had to back down a bit to let in space for my healing and it felt so good to have a partner/friend Who supports me in all aspects❤

When was the last time you followed your heart and slowed down so you made space for healing aswell?

Sometimes following our hearts means standing still for a while and letting the healing vibration into all spaces inside of us🌱

So keep following your heart and dreams but remember that it is okay to rest aswell, rest in being you🌺

How to accept/adapt to change🌱

Change is inevitable in life, still we tend to fight it…

So how do you grow through change instead of fighting it?

Here are some tips if you want to learn how to adapt to the changes in life;

1-Try to talk through the problems/feelings with a friend or maybe a professional.

2-Focus on your vaulues and strength instead of your fears.

3-Accept that everything is fluctual and you can create your own future.

Let love guide you and always seek professional guidance if you feel overwhelmed🌱

With love/Angelica❤

New Year⭐

How about dedicating next year to yourself?

How do you invest in yourself then?

Start by setting a few goals for the new year; dedicating each morning to selflove by journaling, Yoga, breathwork etc..

And remember that it is not only what you put into your body that forms you, it is also what you put into your mind⭐

Start next year fresh, cleanse your space and also declutter your mind and focus on you, You are the biggest project you’ll ever work on😍

Here’s to selflove and a happy new year! With love//Angelica❤

Morning Yoga; Benefits⭐

There are alot of health benefits in practicing Yoga, especially in the morning❣Here are some of those:

1: Conducting Yoga asanas or stretching, can help loosen up your muscles and joints

2: You let go of yesterdays stress and start fresh in the morning by relaxing the stress hormones🌷

3: With breathing excersices/pranayama you practice control of your breathing⭐

4:You get some time for yourself and you release some of those happy hormones in your body🌷

So roll out your mat and practice in the morning for a few minutes, with Love//Angelica🌷

Morning Yoga⭐

Holiday self-care💕

It is quite normal when the holidays are here to get sucked into the busy mentality that occurs this time of the year.

Maybe you have felt it too?

I try to ground myself everyday, and do some Yin Yoga or any other “slow” yoga form. I am going to list you a few things to think about when you feel stressed or overwhelmed;

-Any form of “slow” yoga, for example Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga (10 min)

-Breathwork; sit down for 5 minutes and put one hand on your stomach and one in your chest, take a deep breath down in your stomach and breath out slowly, repeat a few times throughout the day

-take a bath or a warm shower, it is a good way of releasing anxiety or stress

-meditate for a few minutes

-practice mindfulness, being in the now decreasces anxiety, and a good mindfulness practice is to go outside in the nature

-balance your chakras with healing stones

And remember that being together with your family is all that matters💋

Relax and have a Merry Christmas ✨ With Love//Angelica.

Christmas Spirit ✨

So the holidays are getting closer and maybe you have started to buy gifts and do some baking?

I was thinking about the Christmas Spirit, why we celebrate Christmas? We all know why, Jesus birth, but most of us celebrate because of the tradition with the presents and the food 🙏

But this year I feel different about it all, I feel like I want to start a whole new Christmas tradition; a tradition that no one is alone at christmas; and most of all a tradition of loving eachother and making sure that we take Care of One another❤️ Who is with me in starting this new tradition of Love every year? Sounds lovely don’t it:)?

Take Care of yourself and the People next to you a Little extra this year and maybe make a stranger Happy with an hello and a smile❤️

With Love//Angelica ❤️

New Beginnings🌛

When I start wrapping up this year I come to the conclusion that it has been a very hard year, emotionally 🙏 Maybe you all agree with me a bit?

We have learned that happiness is fluctual & how important it is to take care of ourselfs in these difficult times..

Selfcare has never been more important, don’t you think? And this is where I have something to tell you about selfcare; it is also important what you put into your mind! Not only your stomach! If you Love yourself you Will also think about social media & the news etc…

I have taken a Long break from social media & I am not sure when or maybe never, I Will take it Up again…

I know that I sometimes forget My purpose especially when I am caught Up in social media! Let’s be honest; social media does not live Up to protect our higher purpose…

This Year I have learned to let start to let go of control & it is hard but it feels like a new beginning 💕

Have a Happy holiday season & remember to slow down & take good care of yourself💕

With Love from me to you💕


Hello How are you this chilly synday morning💕?

I started thinking today about my yoga practice and How I started walking my true path.. Today the world spins in a fast pace & it is not easy to know What to hold on to and What to let go of..

I wanted to give you some tips if you feel that you have fallen behind and How you are going to get back into your purpose;

-Ground yourself for a few minutes in the morning before you get up to your daily routines, use essential oils, yoga, meditation, healing Stones or maybe a cup of tea while looking outside for a minute

-Journal, it is a healing thing to get to write down your feelings, thoughts and maybe manifestations

-Try to eat food according to your dosha, link:

-Surround yourself with warm loving and supportive people, not always easy I know! But It is not only What we put in our mouth that is important also What we put in our minds💕

And always know that if your feel drained you can be alone for a while to heal and clean your energy, maybe with some sage💕

You will always know What your purpose is and the universe is here to guide you, take care, Love & Light//Angelica 💕

Belonging through Yoga💕

Hello Hope you all are having a marvelous summer & enjoying the sunsets!


I am a few years into my yoga practice and I have the connection with a huge yoga community (virtual) and we all love and support eachother unconditionally.

When I started yoga I felt lost, I had been lost for so long & felt that I didn’t belong anywhere.

But through the in/& outside practice of Yoga it led me to a great love inside, a love that has always been inside of me & it is inside of you aswell.

For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged with all of these different souls & it was a magical feeling.

So you never know where something leads, you just throw yourself over the fence & the rest will follow. The road is there for you & there are always people who are going to love you unconditionally💕

I Hope you dare to love & throw yourself out there because the world needs you💕🌼 Have a beautiful summer & I will see you soon💕


Hi and welcome to my blog and if you are new to Yoga and the sister science Ayurveda I will post about this more further on.

I practice Ashtanga, an eight limbed practice and this style has been practiced since thousands of years ago. In Ashtanga you practice asanas/poses that stretches your body and mind, among other things.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga

-Niyamas; external discipline

-Yamas; internal discipline

-Asanas;posture (meditation seat)

-Pranayama; breath control

-Pratayara; withdrawal of sences

-Dharana; concentration

-Dhyana; meditative absorption

-Samadhi; union, integration.

Yoga is among other things, a discipline, to make sure you always show up for yourself.

The asanas is one of the limbs, but I would say only 95% of the whole philosophy of Yoga. There is so much more as you can see!

I love this form of Yoga because it is challenging, fun and it makes you grow and you get to know your true self.

If you want to read more about Ashtanga here is a link for you:

There are also several books that is informative, one is:

So more Ashtanga coming up!

Love & Light//Angelica. ✨